Beware The Ides Of March

Shakespeare said it first, but surely old Julius Caesar should have heeded the ominous warning: “Beware the ides of March.” He could have paused his own agenda just long enough to listen to someone else’s common sense. Before that Roman senator wielded his weapon of demise.Enough of that, though. But indeed if “all the world’s a stage,” let’s look at our contemporary next scene--2022. Admittedly, after my high-school memorization of the Bard’s most famous lines, and following BU literature -from-Avon, I actually decided to inquire of Daniel Webster’s take of that archaic term-- ides. It simply means “middle.” Charles H. Spurgeon penned his personal warning of a mediocre mindset like this: “Man’s greatest moral dilemma isn’t discerning right from wrong but rather the challenge of seeing just how close he can come without commitment.” Kinda like driving down the middle yellow stripe of I-35. So let’s get specific. Translated via network news, lawlessness is purported to be justified when emotion drives right past reason--and God’s Word. If a woman’s “right” to choose murdering her unborn child is implemented, I really believe our entire nation may be deserving of judgment. Just as God poured forth His wrath on His Chosen Land when the inhabitants abandoned babies to the fires of destruction. When public schools present an option of a child’s becoming a girl one day and a boy the next, who will reap the wrath of God, the Creator of Life Who said “male and female”? We see gross economic instability and politically-driven foreign policies which enemy nations speed-read like a magnified eye chart. Government mandates and globalization that not-so-gradually replace the persuasion of our founding fathers--”In God we trust.” In closing (literally), here’s one more frightening statistic according to Jimmy Evans, teacher of prophecy : “Seventy percent of evangelicals settle for the assumption that there are many roads to Heaven.” I call that a middle-of-the-road one-way ticket to hell. So then, beware the ides of March! Instead, let’s purpose to humble ourselves under the mighty and merciful Hand of God. The Lord Who says, “I change not!” The One of whom John penned in Scripture: “God is love!” This One Who has drawn us with everlasting cords of love.” True, we do not yet see all things put under the feet of Our Lord. But we do see Jesus! We must keep looking unto Him only, the Author and Finisher of our faith.