Like no other, the Lord’s Valentine Song. I promise. But into retro mode for just a minute. My fifth-grade girlfriends and I delighted to retrieve lacy valentines replete with rhymes from the big red crepe- paper box painstakingly designed by our spinster teacher, Margaret Munz. I admit we sometimes counted to see which girl received the most cards, each promising scripted lines of corny puppy love.(As a boy momma myself, I now realize those little males’ mothers probably signed and sealed our treasured tokens of make-believe affection! Such was mid-February in Moody Elementary. Somewhere along the way, though, we all grew up--Shirley Ann, Betty, Annette and I. Each of us matured to the place of desiring true and enduring love--I’d even say Perfect Love! And sure enough, on March 14, 1954, I did find “Him Whom my soul loves.” Rather. Christ Jesus found me at the altar of Willow Grove Baptist Church only a few scant miles from Daddy’s cotton fields near Moody. Here, then, is that Divine Valentine--purchased by Christ’s Blood and received for all eternity. Reading from the King James Version of Scripture: “Oh, My dove [that word translates “a dove that mates once for a lifetime”], that art in the cleft of the rock [God sees us in our hard and rugged moments], in the secret places of the stairs [when every step forward seems an uphill climb], let Me see thy countenance; let Me hear thy voice [He waits for us to come near Him]; for sweet is thy voice [. . . and He longs to hear our hearts speak only to Him]; and thy countenance is comely!” [Comely--That adjective means weak, dependent, and ...attractive! --Song of Solomon 2:14 KJV. Forget the lace paper and scantily-clad cupids with arrows. Who really needs chocolate-heart candy and expensive perfume? Six-course dinners and an evening at the opera? Personally, I qualify for my First Love’s intimacy because I am weak and dependent--but attractive to Jesus! No other love--no other love--is like His Love!