Hope For America

America is known to be “ the home of the brave”. It is the most sought after nation to live in by people through out the world. It is well known to be the land of opportunity and freedom. Among all the nations, America still offers her hand to those seeking hope for the future. The beginning, defining core of this great nation was the strong Christian faith our forefathers held dear. This land was intended to be a Christian nation with all of it’s gifts used to build a great nation. And truly America was a great nation for many years.

Then, in our pride, we sought other gods and crept outside of what the Bible allows to be godly behavior. The Ten Commandments, that were the foundation of our judicial system, were thrown by the way side. We allowed prayer to be taken out of our schools, which in the beginning used the Bible as their text book. Colleges allowed ungodly professors to teach our young people and they began to turn their hearts to other gods. Then we, as a nation, stepped into the position of choosing life or death for an unborn child. For our government to allow murder of an unprotected unborn child opened wide the door of judgment on our nation. Next came the right to die for those who are terminally ill. They may chose to have a physician assisted death, by doctors who have taken the oath to save lives.

As we celebrate the birth of the United States of America on July 4, 2018 we celebrate a different nation. Our nation has chosen through liberal created laws to lead us away from God. Our choices as a nation have caused the protective hand of God to be lifted off of our land. We are now experiencing the results of our choices. The hand of God’s judgment is upon our land.

American citizens are witnessing growing dangerous behaviors in our country such as school shootings, child trafficking, domestic violence, horrific violent deeds, and wide spread drug use. Divorce rates haven risen to over 50%.

As a nation we have turned our backs on our beginning choices. Immigrants who founded this nation had hearts that believed in, and were committed to Jesus Christ. Our nation began in the hearts of our fore fathers with the dream and plans of becoming “One nation under God.”

Liberty does not give the right to go against God’s laws which far exceed the laws of the land. There is only one God whom the first immigrants believed in, but America has become a nation where there are many gods or the belief of none promoted. We have become a nation where it’s inhabitants dare to publically shake their fist before God in defiance. A nation that allows the burning of our flag to go unpunished. We have allowed traitors of this country to thrive and grow rich in our land with no consequences.

We have fallen far from the bar that was set by our forefathers. The pledge of Allegiance has been shamed by ungrateful national players, and even cabinet elected members of our government who enjoy the freedom and wealth this country offers. Once our nation held dear the birth of children as a great gift from the Lord. Now many in this nation believe it is acceptable to kill unborn babies. The God created family unit of a man and woman has been added to by Supreme court rulings which include what the Bible calls the abomination of same sex marriages.

Never have there been such deep divisions and displays of hatred for the office of the President as expressed by American media for President Trump. Increased acts of violence show clearly where our nation is headed. A nation divided cannot stand.

Is there hope for our nation? Yes! God inspired the founding of America, He is able to bring a great revival and awakening across this land to turn us before we witness a deadly free-fall. He is able to bring a God breathed visitation that would turn hearts and lives back toward heaven in repentance. He is able to awaken the hardest lost soul in this land.

The Bible states that refreshment and healing of our land will come when the His people humble themselves, pray, and turn away from their sins. 2 Ch 7:14. We need a real Holy Spirit, breath of fresh saved souls revival, to spring up across this land. We need saints who will earnestly repent of Luke warmness to turn from their sins, stand up and plant their feet in Scripture to pray for revival.

America has experienced previous awakenings and revivals in 1727, 1792, 1830, 1857, 1882. In 1906 the famous Azusa Street Revival came, and in the 1970’s the Jesus Movement. In 1857 slavery had divided America in two. There was a great need for a healing revival in our land. That revival began with a businessman named Jeremiah Lanphier in New York. He started a prayer meeting for businessmen that quickly grew into hundreds of people gathering for noon prayers in behalf of the country. Within 2 years time over 100,000 people came to salvation as they met Jesus Christ.

My husband and I were young pastors when the Jesus Movement hit in California during the 1970’s. The Jesus Movement was a revival that spring up among the young hippies in southern California who were seeped in the drug culture. Our church was in northern California and we received a large influx of hippies in our area as they moved into the mountain areas.

We prayed and opened arms to the young people who were searching. Our church quickly filled and we saw many converted to Jesus Christ. They made fine Christians for they were bold enough to defy the way America was heading and they wanted to find the way of love. When they met God and found His love they were solid and served Jesus fully. They didn’t care about what people thought. They were hungry for new life in Christ and they grabbed the opportunity to follow Jesus Christ. When they saw hurting people they went after them with great fervor so they too could experience new life.

I shall never forget the sight of many members of our church attending the Billy Graham crusade as workers. When the seekers came to the altar call our workers climbed over seats and even crawled through spaces to get to the seekers. They were zealous to bring others to Jesus for they knew He is “the Way, the Truth and the Life”.

Week after week as we saw those who sought salvation, and immediately they wanted to be baptized. Every week we baptized in a near river, even during the winter months with snow falling. One young woman, soaked in a cult, walked into one of our worship services wearing only a white robe. She was in a dazed drugged condition as she walked up to the altar and stood looking up at the cross as my husband preached. When she left our church that day she had new life. She was transformed and later married a fine Christian man. She had 4 children and became an outstanding worship leader. California was greatly changed by all the new converts that filled the cities in answer to many folks prayers for revival.

What happens during a revival? Charles Finney said, “ The fountains of sin need to be broken up.” A revival always includes conviction of sin on the part of backslidden Christians. Their sin is broken in the presence of God. A revival is nothing else than a new beginning of obedience to God. Just as in the case of a converted sinner, the first step is a deep repentance, a breaking down of heart, a getting down into the dust before God, with deep humility, and a forsaking of sin.”

I invite you to cry out daily to God with all your heart, Lord, start this revival with me. Please send your Holy Spirit upon our land and bring healing. Change our churches Lord, and fill them with on fire believers who will stand in boldness across our land. We want America to be great again Lord. Amen..