How To Safeguard Love Beyond the Honeymoon

It’s hard to write an article on a subject worthy of a book. Hallmark tried with their romance Christmas movie marathons! But one stood out for its theme and title: The Perfect Christmas Present.

Frustrated Christmas shoppers, especially men, hired a Mr. Christmas to discover the supreme gift for their loved one. But one young lady touched Mr. Christmas, deeply. He found her boyfriend knew nothing of her inner wishes and desires. When asked to name her favorite song, he nearly dropped dead to learn it wasn’t hers, but his! And she began to rethink her choice in men. The movie begged the question. Is it possible to spend time with someone and never discover their likes, dislikes, hurts, fears: song, or bible verse? Do we listen? Are we listened to, and are we observers? Unwavering companionship past the “honeymoon” isn’t easy. But there’s a way to imitate Almighty God’s profound, perfect affection He has towards us. Our Creator of the unfathomable Universe says, Come, I have secrets to share with you, alone (Jeremiah 33:3, NKJV). First, whispering to our loved-one those inner-passions, hopes, and dreams will build a secure, and trusting environment. The Majestic, Glorious Lord protects and comforts us as He’s: in our midst to save; to watch and rejoice over us, yet gentle enough to quiet our spirit, and sing over us with His love (Zephaniah 3:17). Second, paying close attention to physical, and emotional needs firmly strengthens us to withstand the world’s pressures together.

Over-extended schedules and agendas are never in God’s equation for an atmosphere of closeness: whether we rise or lay-down, our thoughts, our paths; our actions are forever in His sight (Psalm 13). Third, paring down our busy lives helps to keep us attentive.

At the top of His guidelines are: Restoring relationships. (Psalm 51: 16-17). Fourth, keeping healthy uncomplicated communications from petty differences begins with a simple, “I’m sorry.”

Christ readily laid aside the Glory of Heaven for a cross: While we were yet sinners [flawed, imperfect] He laid down His life for our sins (John 3:16). Fifth, for love, will we give up something important to us willingly, or with a grudge?

And God affirms this love: nothing on earth or heaven, or in any other created thing, will separate us from His adorations (Romans 8:38-39). Sixth, nor should jobs, health, finances, family, and etc., come between two sweethearts.

The book will wait, for now we have starting points to revive us in what drew the young woman, and Mr. Christmas together. With our life partner, and God’s ultimate directive guide, discuss, and address the unheeded areas starving from emotional emptiness of the heart. This type of intimacy penetrates beyond the physical, and will last down to our final breath when our lover’s hand of “70” years, rests in ours: Full of happily-ever-after memories.