A Place Called “There

A Place Called “There”
The only way we can stand in this day and age is by the breath of the Holy Spirit of God blowing upon us His grace and mercy.
All of our efforts to know God are in vain if His presence isn’t within a place called “there.” What is a place called “there”?
When we get in tune with God and his purposes and plans for our lives we become like connecting rods...igniting us to Him, Him to us and ultimately to the world around us.
One thing I recently learned is God’s way is not based on situational ethics. He is in charge! To find a place called “there” we must be in constant touch with the Almighty Father. We must experience an intimacy that allows us to understand that we need God to look inside our hearts intimately and see openly that all we want is to have Him be in us.
Someone once described intimacy broken down like this: in to me see. How often have I really wanted God to in to me see? Would he be pleased?
The only way we can develop an intimacy with God is through prayer and fellowship with Him.
Nothing of external or internal consequence is ever accomplished apart from prayer. We are never the same after an encounter with God based on an intimacy through transparent and genuine brokenness in Him.
Surrender, and then what happens to us depends on our desire and willingness to be in the place called “there.” "There" is the place where God has all of our devotion, attention and total and complete intimacy.
No one really sees us the way God sees us! Not even our mate or best friend or family can know or see us intimately as God does through the divine power of His Holy Spirit.
When we are in the presence of Almighty God, what does he see in us and what important things do we need to know?
We need to get alone with God, withdraw into a quiet place away from the distractions of our every day lives. We need to wait with calm thoughts and emotions and we need to watch or visualize the action of God. We need to do as the Psalmist David wrote in the Word of God…”Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10.
We need to continue to cultivate our relationship with God. We need to be aware that God has a better plan than we do for our lives. He knows all; we know in part. In the place called “there” we are sensitive to the needs of people around us. We are keenly aware of the presence of God being in control of our thoughts and actions. We become solely dependent on the Oneness with Him.
We actually allow “in to me see” to become a foundational cornerstone for every fiber of our being. Then we unite all this together in praise and adoration to the One True Living God. Hallelujah!
So much of what I have experienced in my life since knowing Christ has been learning how to face the dawn of each morning with an awareness of needing an encounter of intimacy with God.
David wrote in Psalm 143:8 “Cause me to hear your loving kindness in the morning, for on you do I lean and in you do I trust”. We cannot hear from God without a listening ear. We cannot have complete oneness with Him without being quiet before Him. Amplified Bible
When we experience a lack of quietness and confidence in our walk with Christ, it’s because we have not allowed praise to permeate our being.
When we allow our minds to focus on how, when, where, why and if we can figure it out for ourselves we have not quieted our minds before Him.
We must close out all distractions by focusing on praising God. Distractions are temporary. They serve only to detour us away from having intimacy with God.
Allowing our minds and hearts to focus on having intimacy with God is of eternal value. He who created us should have preeminence in our lives in total and complete abandonment.
Praise affords us the luxury of getting out of our own world of self and our desires, thoughts and ambitions and into total submersion of intimacy with God. We cannot have this without being in complete oneness with Him and constant fellowship with Him.
When we are in the place called “there” we allow the Holy Spirit to shine His searchlight into the deepest parts of our heart. By doing this, it exposes our need to have Christ do and show his perfect work in us. He did His perfect work at Calvary. He showed it “there” too. It was total and complete, lacking nothing.
We want to interfere with this work when we try to implement our own will, way and ideas. He is perfect! We are not! We are only perfect as He is in us! I am because He is!
It is a vital necessity of life that we have intimacy with God! He must be most important in every aspect of our lives. No matter what! Without this commitment we cannot live in oneness with Him or know truly what it means to be in a place called “there.”