There Are No Fairy Tales in God’s Word

A Christian writer named Lee wrote only fictional stories that uplifted the Lord Jesus Christ.
“That’s part of the calling of God on my life,” Lee explained to his Sunday school class.
Lee wrote his weekly stories about real life experiences. Some of his stories were about Old Testament and New Testament characters. Adam and Eve, Noah and Jonah were among his favorite Bible characters. Although Lee’s stories were fictional, he made a special effort to be accurate in his portrayals of the Bible characters. “I don’t want to misrepresent any of these heroes,” he said.
Lee’s short stories were published in 500 newspapers across the United States, as well as another 200 newspapers around the world. Hundreds of Web sites also posted the stories.
Lee began writing another series of short stories. Within a few months, these stories were also published in hundreds of newspapers worldwide. The stories were totally secular in nature, and Bible characters were not even mentioned in any of them.
But although Bible characters weren’t mentioned in the stories, Lee made a point of promoting positive thoughts about life and relationships in the tales. “These stories don’t mention God, but there’s no reason they can’t point people to God in a generic sort of way,” Lee reasoned.
Lee began each story in his new series with the phrase, “Once upon a time.” “I’d like for these stories to have a fairy tale flavor,” he chuckled.
Lee’s readers began contacting him, primarily through email, about his short stories. Lisa’s email praised Lee for his original writing style. “The Lord really gave you a gift of creativity,” she wrote.
Loren was equally as impressed with Lee’s writing. “Your characters communicate with great passion,” he wrote. “Your clever stories always amaze and amuse me.”
“I enjoy your originality,” Laura wrote. “And your stories are always about 1,000 words long. That’s a bit boring. Why don’t you jump it up to 2,000 words occasionally. The stories would be more exciting.”
Lana suggested Lee come up with an overall title for his weekly secular story. “My suggestion is “Once Upon a Time,” she wrote.
Lee always responded personally to every email. “Thanks for your suggestion,” he wrote Lana. “I like your idea, and I’ll begin using the title next week.”
Lee and Lana began corresponding regularly. Within a few weeks, they began dating. About six months later, they became engaged, and they were married the following year.
After their honeymoon, the couple were flying back home. Lana asked Lee, “Why don’t you come up with a title for your Christian stories? My suggestion is ‘Christian Fairy Tales.’”
“Sorry, Dear,” Lee replied. “That simply wouldn’t work. There are no fairy tales in God’s Word. Every Word of it is the truth!”
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