American Revival Rooted in Prayer

I’ve heard the last two hundred years referred to as “The Age of America”. Just as the “Middle Ages” were characterized by certain socio-political, religious, and artistic statements the American Age is noted for the impact the spread of social freedom and religious liberty had on the world. Not that these things were perfected on this continent but the world got to witness the experiment called America and its centerpiece constitution which claimed that God had given and the government had no right to take away.
This is the biggest lie of the current age that America can exist beyond the implementation of biblical morals. The world has seen her rise and no one could deny that America was strongest when she was a Christian nation. The morals as found in the Christian bible brought out the best in people.
America has never been a moral destination but it has been a societal mirror that the world could look into to see their own blemishes. Not that we were ever “good” but we were always better; in human rights and philanthropy and charity and the arts; all the lovely intangibles that move the human spirit could be found in America. We were so good at it that the world assumed if you were American you were Christian, and a lot of Americans thought so too.
America has never been the answer, but we were a good place to start and by the mid twentieth century we were, for all our flaws, the envy of the world. What the rest of the world did out of duty Americans did out of patriotism, obedience to God, and love for their neighbor, or so it seemed. Everything pure and good was American, and we were united in that.
Today I got a glimpse of what made America great once and what could make her great again. I saw an old video from the 70’s of famous Hollywood personalities singing God Bless America. The most famous entertainment icons of the era were singing for God and country and it gave me goose bumps. Especially in light of the fact that most celebrities seem to be ashamed of this country now because we elected someone they disagree with.
Today, also, I heard about a weekly prayer meeting and bible study that takes place in the White House. I’m reminded of the historic records which tell of the dependence on prayer and trust in God that was prevalent in the founding of this American era. I did a little research and found that in this group there are Presbyterian and Methodist and Baptist and Catholic and Seventh Day Adventist and non-denominational. There are deacons and elders and former Sunday School teachers; these are all our top government leaders.
As in our past these are mere men and women. They are not perfect. But they bow humbly before the God of this country and forget their doctrinal and dogmatic differences and pray for divine guidance and whether or not you agree with them it should matter to you that the humble strength which founded this nation is back in the seat of government. If there is any hope in reviving this nation it will be in that restoration of values and faith.
America is a road we travel. It is not a place of rest but a work in progress and we continually hand the tools of government over to the next generation to work to sustain her and keep her strong and viable. One of those tools is prayer.
Thursday May 4th is the National Day of Prayer. If we could stop rioting in the streets and trying to silence opposing views and put our differences aside and pray for the common good God may bless this nation again. If we could remember that our neighbor has the same rights we do and that humility unites and pride divides; maybe then we could sing in one voice God Bless America. REVIVAL!!!