You Have What It Takes

I told myself and others I believed in God. They would say the same thing too. I found my life going ... going anywhere but walking in the light. I always go for my goals, and 9 out of 10 times I get what I want. But is it really what I want? The material stuff in life, with all its money, fast cars, and fame seemed to be my dream, and a lot of other people feel just like me. Then a terrible tribulation took place in my life. It was something so extreme, I never imagined this could ever happen to someone like me. I opened my eyes and found myself on the devil’s doorstep along with hundreds of other people. I told myself, “How can I turn to God at a time like this?” No way was I going to pick up a bible. The next day a bible appeared out of thin air and lay at the bottom of the devil’s doorstep. I looked around and noticed the others clearly keeping their distance. It amazed me that no one wanted to pick it up. So I went over, bent down and picked it up. I opened the front cover, and to my surprise, there it was, plain as day, in big bold letters: my full name, age and birthdate. I thought it was a joke. Who could have done this? I never asked for this bible. People started giving me weird looks and telling me, “Good luck, I hope you find Jesus.” It wasn’t long after that episode that I found myself lavishing into the life of Jesus. Never before has the bible been so amazing to me. Not long ago all these parables, and backward sayings and mysterious scriptures were just a blur to me as I wondered what it could all mean. It’s so easy– you have to try it! I simply apply the bible to my life; I have what it takes to win God’s heart. To all you who read this I tell you that you too have what it takes to become a real Christian. To believe with all your heart that Jesus died for your sins, and that God resurrected Him from death back to life. Don’t be afraid of letting go of your life to find Christ, to be honest with you, He’s not asking for much but you full attention and your heart. Ask yourself what do you have to lose giving your life to Christ. Then ask yourself what do you have to gain giving your life to Christ– your possibilities are endless if you have the Lord by your side. Don’t gamble with your life or you will lose it.