crime,violence, abuse and Jesus

My name is Avaristo Garcia from Waco tx.
The purpose of this testimony it to share how great and what God has done in my life. First and foremost I give Jesus all the honor and glory. Revelation 12: 11...

I grew up in a life of crime,violence and abuse. For me it was not a sad life or poor me situation. It was everyday life. All my family where involved in drugs and in and out of prison so I begun following the exact same footsteps. Some may call it a learned behavior, however for me I wanted to be the biggest and baddest person around. So set my self out on a great mission to hurt anybody and everybody around me. Can remember the first time I got sent to juvenile, it was at the age of 4 years old in Dallas tx. My family was living in the project slums of North Dallas and my brother went of the a nearby grocery store to steal something to eat,however it failed and off to juvenile we went. Shortly after that my family moved back to Waco and my father and mother divorced when I was 8 years old. I stayed with my mother and she couldnít control me so off to the streets I went living a life of crime. I remember now moments of my life when I was teenager and nowhere to go so at times I would break into a store and call the cops on myself just so they could take me to juvenile so I could have a warm bed to sleep. It was all fun and games to me. For a short time my aunt and uncle which are christains took me in for a period of time and I got saved and ask Jesus in my heart. It felt good but the streets where calling my name. So back to the streets I went. Over the next several years I would spend madurity of my life incarcerated in boys homes and youth prisons. When I was 15 years old I meet my wife of today Anjelica Garcia, we begun a family and now have two wonderful sons Daniel and Justin. But I wasnít always there for them. I was sent off to TDCJ Texas prison. I would go to prison 3 times in a row back to back,the longest I stayed out of prison was only 10 days. During my stay in prison I joined a organized crime family. With my hard heart and quick acts of violence , I became a
high profile member of the The Texas Chicano Brotherhood. Had the the second highest rank a member can have. I had 2,000 foot soldiers at my given command. There in prison Texas Chicano Brotherhood became my god. I vowed to never pray to God and to hurt any christain who came my way. I went as far as tattooing devils and demons on my body and a pentagram with a upside down cross on my arm. I was let out of prison in 1999 and returned home to find out my had given her life to Jesus.This really angered me and tried getting my wife to believe that there was no God . However I know if she was happy and always gone to do church activities then I could continue to rum my oraginze crime family un noticed by her. From 1999 to 2007 I was heavily involved in crimes across Texas into the northern states of America. One day I got a phone call to murder two people. As I gladly excepted the offer and went off in the night to accomplish my goal of doing such, my wife was.home praying for me to be safe and her not knowing what I was out to do.God heard her prayers. I was unableto find these men and returned home to my wife who invited me to church that very day night. With lots of histitation on my part and persistent asking on my wifeís part I gave in went with her. That night at church I felt a peace I have never felt before. When Chuck was over I went home and went to my back yard and begin to get high off drugs. When I finished my drugs I look up to Heaven and said, God I donít want to do drugs anymore. The next was Sunday I returned to church with my wife and children and gave my wife to Jesus. My life has forever been changed. I
was radically saved by the power of God. My wife and I know have a prison ministry called Darkness 2 light Ministries. We travel across Texas visiting churches, streets and prisons sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Called me thus year to go full time ministry and focus on the mission he called me into.We are able to support our ministry by selling our darkness2light shirts and carwashes. Called has been there all the way. To this day the Texas Chicano Brotherhood moto is blood in blood out , however no weapon formed aginst me shall prosper.

Feel free to contact me for in depth information on this great transformation.

Avaristo Garcia