The King of Glory

New Hope Assembly of God
Christmas is not only the celebration of the birth of Christ, but also the celebration of our soon coming King. There have been many kings on earth, but there is only ONE who is the King of Glory. “Who is this King of glory?” The Bible tells us, “The LORD of hosts, he is the King of glory.” (Ps 24:10). He is Lord and King over the whole world.
He came as a babe through virgin birth to claim the hearts of His own upon earth. (Lu 1:27-35). The hopeless voice of a little girl cried in the night within a China orphanage. “How could life be so terrible? When will my tortures end?” she wept as she lay on the filthy floor. “When will the pain stop?” Out of the midst of hopelessness in China came the call. “We have a referral for you. She is eight, will you adopt her?” Without pictures or other information, we said, “Yes!” Our hearts were broken as we viewed the pictures, for within our little daughter’s eyes the story of pain was clear. Hope’s cries were heard in Heaven, and God brought her to us so she could know the love of Jesus Christ.
He left His throne of glory in Heaven to travel the path of human death, to grant eternal life after death to those who come to know Him. He was victorious over the enemy of mankind, Satan, who has plagued the human race. The King of glory, Jesus Christ, came to earth because of His love for us. (Joh 3:16).
Satan tried to destroy Hope’s life on earth, but instead God granted her life to become one of His own. One Sunday after church Hope was crying. “What is wrong, Hope?” I asked. “Mama, I want to be a Christian,” she announced. We prayed with her as she tearfully gave her heart to Jesus, and Papa then served her communion. When the next baptism service came, she wanted to be baptized.
That first Christmas Hope was home, she celebrated as a Christian rejoicing in her Savior’s birth. As the Christmas story was shared I could see her wheels turning, “He came for everybody Mama. Why did He do that? Tell me the story again!”
“Hope, it was a holy night long ago that Heaven kissed earth. That kiss deposited the fullness of God’s love within a virgin named Mary, who birthed God’s Son Jesus Christ on earth. Jesus came so that all people who believe in Him might have eternal life. (Mt 1:21). God gave a great present to all people on earth. Shepherd boys heard about His arrival from the angels who were worshiping in the sky, and went to find Him in the stable. (Lu 2:8-15). Later, three Wise men led by a star to where Jesus was came to present Him with gifts. (Mt 2:1-10). Now when we give presents on earth to each other on Christmas, out of God’s love, it is as if we give them to Jesus. (Mt 25:40).”
Christ transcended all the rulers of the universe though He came as a lowly baby. And He will return to earth to claim His own as the King of Kings, for He is the Lion of Judah who is strong and mighty in battle! (Ps 24:8).
Though Satan tries to slay believers, Jesus is with us in the battle. Our son Christian came to our home with a Chinese Bible in his backpack. He was a believer before coming to us. A worker in the orphanage shared with him about the Lord Jesus while he was suffering under the hands of unkind workers. His life seemed like it would be short, but God gave him hope of release, and at eight, the doors opened for his adoption.
Jesus shall come back through the everlasting doors of Heaven to meet with His believers in the clouds. (The Rapture). (Ps 24:7, 9; Mr 13:26). The everlasting doors of Heaven’s gates endure for ever because they are the doors through which He will take His own into the heavenly habitation.
While praying with my grandfather on his death bed I saw two angels in front of the end of the bed. There was a thin curtain in front of them. I saw their hands extend to my grandfather. The next morning he died peacefully, entering Heaven, for he was a believer.
All of Heaven declares the righteousness of Jesus Christ, and every eye on earth shall see His glory when He returns. (Ps 97:6; Re 1:7). Instead of the quiet birth of His first entrance, there will be the voice of the archangel and the trump of God accompanying Him when He returns as the King of glory. (1Th 4:16).
The prophecies concerning the return of Jesus Christ are in place. The happenings in earth are increasing each day, and the signs are clear. (Mt 24:3-42). Soon He will return! O prepare your hearts, Christians, the King of glory is coming!