Part 1 My Fatherís House:

Part 1 My Fatherís House:
A House of Prayer for All Nations.
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You may ask, why a house of prayer in Spokane? Let me share how God has made this vision clear and how you may be called to be a part.
Before the name ďHouse of PrayerĒ was a household name, before Mike Bickle started the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Jim Leuschen, Pastor of New Covenant Fellowship here in Spokane received a prophetic word from Jim Goll about him being involved with a house of prayer in Spokane. Later, another young prophet from the International House of Prayer came to Spokane and also spoke a word over Jim about Godís desire, His paternal love for Spokane and His desire for a house of prayer here. Jim received the Word and carried the burden, being faithfully involved in many prayer movements until his friend, Scott McConnell told him he purchased a beautiful victorian house for $1.00 from Avista and felt this was the house of prayer. The only stipulation, the house needed to be moved.
After an amazing journey of finding land, fundraiser/awareness dinners to invite pastors and ministries, the 4700 square foot house was moved on to its new site, 3111 East Marshall St., across from Spokane Community College. A huge collective achievement from many churches, people, workers, givers, the house was placed on a new 10í wall foundation where it sits now beautifying the corner of the new location.
The house was originally built by Spokaneís famous bridge builder, Andrew Jackson Ross. This is significant as now this same house will be building bridges between area churches on one significant thing- Prayer. Not only will My Fatherís House of Prayer(MFH) someday be a 24/7 house of prayer center, it will also send prayer teams and musicians to area churches for prayer/worship sessions. The goal: To lift prayer over our region to a higher level. Area worship leaders and teams will have opportunity to cross pollinate into other churches during these sessions. Intercessors of our region will now be able to be part of these Ďsending outí teams as well as in house prayer.
Spokane is where Fatherís Day began. Kansas City International House of Prayer had a bride and bridegroom paradigm. Through much prayer, we believe My Fatherís House of Prayer will be a fraternal move of Godís love to this region; a loving father, provider, restorer of families and uniting His family, bringing healing to one another.
We are thankful for so many who have been an integral part thus far. The house still needs electrical, plumbing, restoration, parking lot and an interior sprinkler system. If you feel lead in any way for the completion and moving forward of MFH, you can contact us at: My Fatherís House of Prayer PO Box 10209 Spokane, WA 99209, You may email Daniel Grether, or call Rand Miller, 509-292-9685.
May the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be lifted higher in Spokane- together,

The MFH Team,
Daniel and Robby Grether
Jim and Marcia Leuschen
Scott and Noreen McConnell
Rand and Becky Miller