Why Haiti

It is in our nature to long to be a part of something larger than ourselves. Each of us as men would like to be written about in the history books; to be known for all times as a piece of greatness. As a Baby Christian, only three months after giving my life to Christ, I found myself on a plane to Haiti thinking "what the heck have I done?" Now fast forward two years and four trips later, everything has changed. My heart is so engaged in this beautiful place that I have brought my 15-year-old son. I sent my wife on a mission to Haiti to experience the overwhelming, consuming power that changed my heart the first time I arrived, because I could not explain the feelings I was having!
To answer the question "why would I choose Haiti," is a toughie. I can only give you a few facts. You as men will have to pray and follow your heart as being led by the LORD himself. Haiti is half of a small island, not like the continent Africa. This piece of the island was dominantly voodoo for the last 200 years. In 2010 the capital was rocked to its foundation by an earthquake. Now after this earthquake the world started pouring aid into this small country. Most of this aid was from Christian groups which in tum planted the seed in the population.
I am writing this letter while on a mission trip in Haiti. This island was a wreck the first time I came in 2012. I thought, "these people are helpless and hopeless, what can I possible do to change anything here." Today they work on the streets; plant flowers in the medians; evens.weep the dirt from the curbs. I see people in worship all throughout town.
Our objective in Haiti is to build homes while being a light to lost souls in the dark. The place we build at now is going to be a small community, and it hit me today while working on a ceiling that things are changing. Right outside my Haitian brothers are working on a foundation. This foundation is the start of a home for a Christian family that is embedded within a Christian community, a community that when complete will pour into the streets like a pot of soup that is boiling over. It will be a beacon of GO D''s holy light to this dark and tom country. Today it is just a house. In a year or so it will be a community of change. This change will infect the city and eventually a nation will be added to the kingdom of heaven.
To be a part of transforming a dark nation into a Nation for GOD sounds like the greatest thing we as men can do for our Father. To know that my blood and sweat forged a path for people to charge forth for the Lord is all I need to be a part of history.