His Dance

His Dance
How incredibly rich His Goodness, His Love!
How marvelous His Mercy, His Grace from above!
How mighty His Hand in the lives of His own!
How blessed we to dance
On the path to His Throne.
Yes! Dance!!
Dance I daresay!
Whirling, Twirling, Dancing His Way!
Completely abandoned to His Amazing Grace!
Learning the steps as we watch His Face,
Becoming more graceful as we follow His Lead,
Hearing His Music as He shows us our need
To follow His Script, to.hear only His Voice,
To respond to His Call, to take part, to rejoice
In this Dance He''s allowed us to learn for that day
When we dance it forever, when we hear Him say,
"Come now, my beloved, hear the beat of the drum?
The temporal is over, the time is now come.
You have learned it, little dancer, redeemed child, faithful friend,
Now you may dance it with Me, time without end.*''