It is War 3

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind” (II Timothy 1:7). NKJ
Part Three of Three
When I considered spiritual war chains, it took faith in the power of God to deliver me. First, I had to make a conscious decision to believe what I read in the Bible. I found that He is faithful and if He said He would stay with me, then He would. He said when we call, He will answer. He does. Faith is hard when God can’t be seen or felt with your hands, but He never leaves us alone, no matter what. Second, He gave me a wonderful, loving community. This included those in the professional community. As I interacted with these dear friends and family, they encouraged me to trust God through waiting and continuing to believe what I read in the Bible even through contrary circumstances. They shared their prayer support with me as well as their knowledge and experience. They waited with me. Third, I had to make determined efforts to get rid of the dark thoughts as they came. That’s when I usually ran for my Bible. God’s Word strengthens the shield of faith and it is the sword, after all! No darkness is too dark for God to penetrate! No darkness of mind is too great for Him. He restores our souls. I found that out of such oppression comes a cry of anguish and all other things are squeezed out except the longing for God and He is there. I learned a few other things as well. In trying to understand this battle, I came to see that the Holy Spirit is the real power over all. No created thing can overcome its Creator. That includes the unseen beings in opposition to us. I learned to pray always. We must be persistent through the battle because the devil is persistent. He’s had centuries of practice, too. So we must be more persistent. We have the Holy Spirit’s power, and the devil must flee as we lean into God.
Fear is crazy making. Things sound normal that are not normal. Fear makes us act on ideas that are not true. Fear makes us want to run away instead of standing strong. Fear paralyzes us when danger comes from without or within.
God provides sound mind for us. Mental health comes from attitudes, choices, taking care of our bodies and minds. Getting rest physically will refresh our bodies. To choose what we will allow to linger in our minds will alter the course of our attitudes. Set those “eye and ear gates” toward positives. Think on those things.
Sound mind sometimes may mean taking yourself out of a situation temporarily or permanently. Sound mind always means going to God on your knees.
We don’t have to live with fear because if Jesus has saved us then we are covered by His Name and His Blood. Oppression has no place in us.
We have power through the Blood of the Lamb.
We have love because Jesus loves us and gave Himself for us.
We have sound mind because it’s clear and washed clean, and we can absorb God’s Word for our protection.
We are free to worship the God who loves us. The antithesis of fear is worship and delight. How can God delight in our worship of Him if we are in fear and not delighting in it? He longs for us to delight in Him. Go ahead and sing at the top of your lungs and dance. Let the spirits of darkness hear it and shudder.
How good God is! All the time! No matter what! LJR Photo: Linda Jo Reed is the author of “Upheld In The Battle”. She can be contacted at Like her on Facebook: