Drawn to Grace

John 6:43-45 “ Jesus answered and said to them…” No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him; and I will raise him up on the last day. 45 It is written in the prophets, ‘And they shall all be taught of God.’ Everyone who has heard and learned from the Father, comes to Me.”
I met a woman recently, just in passing, who was concerned about the direction of the world, much as we all are. I agreed with her assessment to a point and then remarked that my hope lay in the life to come and I was pleased when she agreed with me. But things weren’t all that they appeared. As she shared her hope for life beyond the grave it wasn’t a Biblical perspective at all but something gleaned from a book on Spiritualism. She had no fear of death because in her deceived spirit she liked what she had found.
I encouraged her to look at the description of heaven in the Bible to understand eternal life but she cared nothing for the scriptures saying she’d heard what the Bible and Quran had to say, but her favorite was something on eastern religions…it saddened me to hear this but I had no more words for this woman – she needed the Holy Spirit; she needed to be “Drawn” by God.
Too often men go looking for God finding only what the blind eyes can see. In the darkness they grope and cling to anything that comforts – even lies – and because this is what their hearts desire they no longer know or care what truth is.
We need to recognize the deception and stop looking for, and working with, choices and simply say “Father in Heaven, draw me!” Like the young lover in the Song of Solomon 1:4, we should cry out “Draw me after you…”
Our best act of witnessing for Jesus is to no avail if that person is not first being “Drawn” unto Him by the Father. If we have lost loved-ones, grasping in the darkness, the place to start is to pray that the Father draw them.
John 12:32 “I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself.”
In the spirit of the Trinity Jesus also proclaims that the Father uses Him to draw men to salvation. We find in Romans one that God draws men by the revelation of creation. We find in John one that God draws men by the Word, which is Christ Jesus. And John six informs us that by the teaching of the Father men come to Christ. So men are drawn by the Father, to the son, and by the Son to the Father no one being able to know one and not the other.
It brings such peace to realize that we needn’t struggle alone against the forces of darkness because we are not pushing through except that God is pulling (drawing) us unto light.
To be honest I can’t say I truly understand what it all means sometimes. Some say that to be drawn is to be coaxed or invited or lured, while others claim “to draw” is to DRAG FORCIBLY! One thing I am convinced of is that this means ALL men feel the tugging at our souls. All man-kind has been drawn and has either learned and come into the grip of the Father and our Savior Jesus Christ, or they have rejected Him. All have felt the “drawing” of God and, if heeded, have been given more.
A missionary hears a call to serve someplace in the world because a people have responded to being drawn by the Father. A Christian feels the strong need to speak to a stranger because right at that moment God is drawing. A tragic moment reminds us of our mortality - our heart aches for the loss of love or life – life is in ruin and all our labor is in vain; God is drawing and He will use whatever it takes. When nothing makes sense God is drawing us to the only thing that can make sense of it all, His Grace.