Our Redeemer Lives

By Rita Jennas Church of the Open Door
As we enter into this EASTER SEASON, let us remember that the greatest love scene was at CALVARY’S CROSS; for it was LOVE that kept Him on that cross. And, the greatest miracle was the RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST. Therefore, to us who believe, Easter means more than Easter lillies, Easter Bunnies and chiming bells. It is more than an annual event. For we know that Jesus, the Christ, is risen with healing and power. We know “OUR REDEEMER LIVES!”

Just as Mary turned herself around (According to the Apostles John and Peter), and heard the angel said, “He’s not here, for He’s risen”,
let us by faith turn ourself around and rise above negative conditions that seem to bind and restrict us. Like Mary, we can declare Him as MASTER! For the tomb was not empty because of our faith, for in fact no one believed it (not even His Disciples). But the tomb was empty because the TRUTH and the POWER OF GOD preceded our faith.

So let us continue to give Him praise and lift up His name; not only at EASTER, but all the days of our lives. He promised that, “IF I BE LIFTED UP, I WILL DRAW ALL MEN/WOMEN UNTO ME”; and we are rightful heirs to His promises. (See John 12:32 & Galatians 3:29).
Those heavy stones that try to block our path are rolled away. Stones of unbelief...sounds of criticism...stones of gossip...sounds of discouragement...sounds of hurt or of lack in any area of our life... are no more. They’re UNDER THE BLOOD! And we are victorious through HIM Who loves us.....unconditionally.

As followers of Christ, let us arise NOW and claim our freedom; blessed with everything we need to be an expression of love and power through HIM. “Why seek ye the living among the dead” (Luke 24:5). Like a bird released from its cage, let us move forward...let us celebrate with joy and new hope...let us allow the CHRIST SPIRIT to rise victoriously in and through us. For “CHRIST IS ALIVE...FOR-EVER-MORE!”