Atheism is a fairy tale; Humanism, a crutch.

This year an Arkansas “Free Thinkers” group is suing a public elementary school over plans to take the children to see the Christmas play, A Charlie Brown Christmas, because of Linus’s Biblical definition of Christmas given in the story. What are they afraid of? That a cartoon character can upset all their a-biblical teaching? Or that it might be true which for them is unthinkable?
How can something completely UN-provable be said to be the product of free-thinking and reason? No one can prove there is no god, great or otherwise. The rise of evangelical atheism boggles the imagination! Some people are so threatened by the thought of a creator they rely on the crutch of ignorance to escape dealing with the possibility. They’re afraid to admit the emperor has no clothes.
Everything that exists begs the question “what preceded?” Everything has an antecedent…except God. Theism says “In the beginning God…” while atheism says “In the beginning matter…” With God as a beginning everything makes perfect scientific sense. With matter as a beginning you not only have an improbable series of theoretical events from a vague beginning until man, but you leave the question unanswered “Where did the matter come from?” God answers that question with Himself.
Following the great enlightenment or “Age of Reason” which occurred in the eighteenth century religion was deemed no longer necessary. There was no need for a “fabricated” god because we were finding all the answers in science and philosophy. Philosophy by its nature is relative, but even their science has proven over the last two centuries that life is more complicated than we ever could have imagined. The denial of a creator seems to legitimize their search for answers and most definitely increases their budget and ongoing funding.
Take, for instance, what they would have called 200 years ago a “simple” cell. What they thought it was 200 years ago and what they know about it today is like comparing a candle and nuclear fusion. A living cell is infinitely complex yet they will teach in university classrooms this cell came from something very simple (Not unlike a goose laying golden eggs). That DNA machine MUST have come from the mud because to them the idea of intelligent creation is unthinkable. This, from “Free-thinkers”?
So the absurd notion of spontaneous complexity was created and the equally absurd thought that man is the most advanced being in the universe became part of the “tale”. Just the fact that our minds (at least some of them) have the ability to digest monumental discoveries from the scientific world and from those create the fairytale should tell anyone with an ounce of reason that we were created by something greater than ourselves. Abstract ideas have no place in a mind born of experience and necessity.
The fairytale is obvious in the passion with which they deny the possibility of a deity or divine presence in the universe. Minds that closed cannot be free-thinkers (The same thing is said about Christians concerning the certainty of our faith). They take a child and tell him “Don’t believe what theists tell you. Open your minds to the possibilities.” Does anyone besides me see the hypocrisy in that? Don’t believe what you’ve been told, believe anything else but that! They criticize theistic parents for “indoctrinating” their children in faith then create an atmosphere where their philosophies and theories (fairytales) challenge the faith of every child in America through our tax payer funded public school system, and then they offer the alternative crutch of Humanism.
I just learned of a web site called where kids are warned of the superstition of faith and parents are given instructions on how to raise good, faithless children. They begin with the lie that science is not understandable or accepted by people of faith. They deny the historicity of scripture and teach kids that their theories are fact and of the necessity of faith in humanism. Christians are called bigots because we believe the Judeo-Christian God and the Holy Bible to be the source of absolute truth. The fairy tale of atheism is further confused by the fact that while denying the existence of absolutes they declare science to be absolute, though the scientific theories they put their faith in change as fast as they can print their books.
There is no denying the atheist movement is growing as children are sucked in to its spell. It is keeping pace with all the other movements concerning issues which were considered a-moral a few decades ago. They claim you can raise moral atheist children but the evidence does not point to that. Not that people who deny God are all unethical, but by their own admission those ethics are relative and if they stand true to their “free-thinking” ways everyone is entitled to their own set of ethics. Without absolute ethics you cannot claim a moral world and it falls on the government and policing forces to determine good and evil. Where God is not the authority government steps in.
The myth of atheism is evident in the militancy of its adherents. I can deny one of your moral codes or the need for morality all together. But when I make morality wrong I simply create a new morality. By so animatedly opposing the teaching of faith they make it a moral offense to teach a religion other than their own, the religion of humanism. To actually be a free-thinker you must leave the possibility of God open to consideration. By doing so you can allow for teaching on the topic and even accept the moral teaching that goes with it. To deny God you must replace Him with a new moral teaching and therefore adopt the crutch of humanism.
We declare that there is a God, but we do so in faith – faith supported by mountains of personal testimony. Their fairytale of a god-less creation is presented as fact but without even an ounce of personal testimony. How do you personally testify to the absence of a god in the universe, that is, unless you’ve been everywhere in the universe and can be certain you would know a god if you saw one?
The frightening part is both sides are locked in a battle for the minds of our youth and the anti-god side is winning. They’ve taken over the schools and government and have managed to paint a horrific picture of something akin to abuse-by-faith. The young people are confused but who can blame them. The fairytale of atheism relieves everyone of their conscience. Self esteem is valued over self discipline and morality is relative to the desires of the individual.
America has remained strong for more than two hundred years on faith based morality and the former Soviet Union proved beyond a doubt that atheist societies breed a hope-less populace. The need to believe in something greater than ourselves is intrinsic, true, and God given. As Pascal said, “There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus”
To look around this world and this universe and say there is no god is the equivalent of calling the Golden Gate a natural land bridge. There is engineering and design that demands thought and knowledge. To say otherwise is a fairytale.