Angel Tag

Our world revolves around an ever circling set of circumstances, behaviors and choices.

Some of the circumstances are dictated to us by our parents, some by the decisions of others, and some for a reason not immediately evident. Behaviors are acquired through parental direction, social rules, religious education, experiences and an accumulation of skills.

Choices are different. God gave us free will. He allows us and wants us to act responsibly, morally correct, and with intelligence. A decision to do nothing is one choice and it is the often the easier decision. The other choices require exercising a system of reasoning and factoring in emotions: right versus wrong, helpful versus hurtful, take an immediate reward or save for a more reliable future. Some choices have long lasting implications in our lives, like which job to take, whether or not to move across the country, which medical treatment for cancer is the best, or whom to marry. Other choices provide minimal impact. Do I want to go to a movie or to a concert? Swim or walk on the treadmill? Travel to France or Greece? We make dozens of choices every day because God gave us free will. We use our set of beliefs and knowledge to direct us in our choices.

All choices have consequences, however. On the ABC television program “Wheel of Fortune,” a spin of the wheel determines your fate. It allows you to guess a letter or lose all your money. Our wheel of fortune or circle of life as human beings is comprised of tragedy and joy. We buried my brother this week and our daughter is expecting a baby. Both incidents involved choices by those participating. Both involved specific circumstances and have long lasting consequences. My brother made the choice to vacation in Jordan and, while sightseeing, suffered a heart attack. That led to a fall into a rocky gully resulting in an accidental death. The prospective parents made a decision that will affect other choices in their lives. One decision ended in tragedy and the other will end in joy. Both have consequences.

Life is a circle. It is a circle of choices and of constantly revolving life and death. A brother dies and a grandchild is born. “Angel Tag” some call it. I call it my circle of love.