Lot of Glamor

Christmas season has a lot of glamor, lights, and sales. It seems that everything is the “BEST PRICE OF THE YEAR”! with all the business pointed to the last big push of the year. We wonder what has happened to the simple message of hope. Do we need to improve the Gospel message of Jesus Christ? Do we need to improve that Jesus came to be a savior for all man kind? Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost.
Jesus was born in a simple setting, hidden from the world, kept safe from a king that wanted to do away with anything or anyone that threatened his throne.
Now Jesus wants to be our answer, our deliver, our comforter and our savior.
...But we have our thrones (idols) or ideas that keep us going in cycles that make us so we cannot see simply. The gospel is not like “THE  BEST PRICE OF THE YEAR”. Jesus’ offer is the same since the day when he hung on that cross for you and me. The gift of salvation cost Jesus everything, all that he had, he gave. This gift is worth more than a king’s throne or ours. I have heard salvation compared to a parachute that you hold tight when you are in a plane that is going down. Don’t wait until tomorrow, for we do not know what a day may hold. The gospel is like a man who finds a treasure in a field, then he goes and buries the treasure back in the field and sells all that he has to buy that field.
Remember Jesus is the reason for the season, and his gift is for you.