The Ones from the Mayflower

Alongside the Mayflower strode the Speedwell,
Behold! The Speedwell failed the hold.
Crying out to the one above, the
Dear heavenly father thought of love
Even when the Mayflower held more souls,
Fatherís weeped for the ones he held.
God seemed to vanish with the Land,
However, he had another plan.
Immigrants stepped on brand new ground
Kindling fires to keep them warm
Land stole them all of warmth
Many deceased to the ground, then
Nude Indians surprised them all
Owning the land the pilgrims settled,
Peace making man came to them
Questioning their ways of life, they
Remembered ways the Indians cropped.
Squanto, a man of courage,
Tamed the battles which were abound to come.
Unique thinking came to them,
Varieties of food to fill them up,
Willing to thank the one above.
Xecutions followed after,
Year after year traditions started.
Zeal from God never ceased, there with the ones from the Mayflower.