God is So Good!

Well, I don’t know where to start? I know how GOD has blessed me with my finances, health, family and, LIFE. What I am about to share is good, this follow up to have the faith & strength to obey God & not your instincts. It was about 2 and a half years ago that I was praying for GOD to help my business grow. Well in those prayers that went up I know GOD heard every word. Now listen, I want you to know that GOD knows all , but He desires a relationship with his children through great communication. As I was saying a couple of years ago GOD revolutionized my life. How you ask; through faith, prayer, and obedience.

I received a phone call from my brother in the LORD he was letting me know of a opportunity for a new location. By the way I am an automotive technician(owner). I got the address went and stopped by to take peak. To my amazement it was huge, okay, 3000 sq.ft, so I inquired on the location. Upon talking to the owner I was told that the lease was held by previous tenants (Mr.Transmission) and, that I needed to talk with them. I did and found out in order to get the location that I would have to buy into the franchise to get the location. So I asked the LORD if this is for me please give me confirmation. I tried to go to the bank to get a loan to get things started; notice ( I ) tried to.

In the bank I found out that it would take a minimum of 60 day for a loan in this amount. Immediately I started to panic “GOD in that time this opportunity will be gone”. What I am I supposed to do LORD- what do I do?? Remembering the voice clearly was be still and know I am GOD. Patience is not my character, with that I started to pray, in the bank lobby. As I was leaving the bank I heard a specific name of a person to talk to. In obedience I followed up with the person. To my surprise this was a friend that I knew and I see twice a month. We sat down started talking of why I made the call, his eyes grew to an abnormal size and, a smile came over his face. He was filled in about the price,location, and time we are dealing with all the details.

Now this is where GOD showed me how great and, mighty he is. I said that I was told by the banker this was 60 day process. Also with the business it was a process of at least 30 days to get all paper work processed. Knowing this information I was telling my self that this is going be long process, man was I wrong we are talking about GOD right. We met with MR.Transmission to talk about purchasing the business the price was extremely high(375K) to get in the game. I was praying from the time I woke up until the meeting-- even during the meeting. The LORD spoke to me and He gave me a number to give, in fear I said nothing. How great is our GOD, well does (HE) allow divine timing? Yes, at this time the meeting is just about over and I spoke up, with the number. The fellow looked and, said UH UH okay, lets do the deal for that; which is 1/32 of the price. Praise GOD! I was on a high and could not rest for remainder of the day.

With all this being told I want you to know I had to be willing to give up my part time job at Continental Airlines of 7 years. There I had all my benefits, this is where faith takes place. To not be able to go into the doctors office for my 2 children and my wife. Immediately I said what if? The LORD asked do you trust me? At that moment I knew that this was a test of faith & obedience. The rest is history in the 2 and half years my family has not had a need medically. GOD has provided to this day 01/24/2008. I still believe THE LIVING GOD still heals, saves, multiplies, forgives, restores, and gives victory in his timing. I want to say that with out GOD I would not be writing this testimony. Remember to have FAITH, PRAYER, OBEDIENCE, with open ears to hear the LORD. Thank you and GOD BLESS.